We have 3 dives per day. The first one at 9.00 a.m. the second at 11.00 a.m. and the last one at 15.00 p.m.

Our dives are guided by experts with a big knowledge of the dive sites .

Before the dives we do a Briefing pointing , route , points of interest , and safety procedures. 

All the divers need to have diving insurance and UPDATED MEDICAL CLEARENCE.

We do have special offers for groups ( 4 pax minimum ) .

The prices include : 21% V.A.T. and the required TAXES to dive at the natural marine reserve .

Medical clearence

Medical clearence

Because the spanish law , one of the requirements to practice recreational diving is the Medical Clearance where you get the “OK´´ for dive.

Medical clearance needs to be renewed : every 2 years .



The other requirement to dive is the dive insurance.

Every diver needs to have a dive insurance so it can be covered in case of an accident , included hyperbaric chamber treatment and third parties civil responsibility .

If you don´t have diving insurance , don´t worry we can offer you one day insurance , one week , month or year one .

You can hire it at our office the day you are coming with us to dive or clicking -HERE- (LINK SEGURO) .

History from the Natural Marine Reserve of North Menorca

The natural marine reserve of Menorca got that status the 24th of June from 1999 from the BOIB number 81 ( yes , Sant Joan Day ! ).

Its one of the places from North Menorca where fishing its forbidden or under strict control .

Thanks to that the fauna developed through the years , creating an amazing landscape for those who choose snorkel .

Its easy to see fishes like Moray eel’s , groupers , octopus and “salmonetes´´ at the north side of Menorca.

The whole reserve its protected against aggressive fishing methods like trawl fishing .

The reserve has an 5.119 marine ha from Fornells bay (eastern limit) til Cape Gros (western limit) .

Official data says there are 628 benthic species at the reserve , among the 5.119 marine ha .


We will take you at the Natural Marine Reserve , where we will have the chance to see a huge and diverse amount of life , like : tiny barracudas , groupers , nudibranchs , corvallos , serviolas , octopus , lobsters , menorcan lobsters , etc…

Also there are amazing caves around to discover .

Una de nuestras inmersiones

Try Dive

Did you ever wonder what is the feeling when you breath underwater at gravity zero ?

You already saw those divers getting ready to discover the richness of the marine landscapes.

You can tag along with us and try.

We do the try dives from the boat , more confortable cause you don’t have to carry the gear , just crossing the street and we will get to the boat.

The activity starts with a briefing . We cover the gear , breathing underwater technique , communication down the water , equalize your ears , etc…

We usually do the try dives next door from the bay , underneath the light house ( Natural marine reserve ) , there is a place that looks like a natural pool . We drop the anchor at more or less 1 meter deep . We help gearing up the people at the surface of the water.

We start breathing from a “ reg ´´ at the surface just having our faces inside the water . After that we descend to 1 or 1.5 meters . After the time we need to get used to gear , we start our dive 40 minutes more or less , and to a maximum depth of 10 meters.

The whole activity lasts 2 hours more or less . We meet at the dive center at 15.00 p.m and we are back around 17.00 p.m.

Is not necessary to have a medical clearance . The will be given a medical sheet where they can answer about any medical condition impairing for dive.

Need to have : Swimsuit , Towel , sun blocker.

She did it too


Descubre Menorca, Fornells y su famosa Reserva Marina con tu familia, amigos ... ¿Acompañas a un familiar o amigo buceador?, por lo que esta actividad es para TI! Porque tú también puedes disfrutar de los fondos marinos … desde la superficie ...


HIGH SEASON (1/7 au 31/8)

Number of divesExcurs. Incl. Cyl & wieghts
Excurs. Incl. full Dive equipement
1 Dive4058
4 Dives3856
6 Dives3654
8 Dives 3452
10 Dives 3250

LOW SEASON (1/4 au 30/6 et 1/9 au 31/10)

Number of dives

Excurs. Incl. Cyl & wieghts

Excurs. Incl. full Dive equipement
1 Dive3852
4 Dives3650
6 Dives 3448
8 Dives3246
10 Dives3044

HIGH SEASON (1/7 au 31/8)

Try Dive75

(1/4 au 30/6 et 1/9 au 31/10)

Try Dive68

HIGH SEASON (1/7 au 31/8)

Discover Scuba Diving150
Scuba Diver325
Open Water Diver450
Advanced Open Water Diver360
Rescue Diver360
Deep Diver275
Nitrox Diver200
Sidemount Diver350
Cavern Diver375

(1/4 au 30/6 et 1/9 au 31/10)

Discover Scuba Diving120
Scuba Diver300
Open Water Diver425
Advanced Open Water Diver330
Rescue Diver330
Deep Diver275
Nitrox Diver200
Sidemount Diver350
Cavern Diver375

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