History from the Natural Marine Reserve of North Menorca

The natural marine reserve of Menorca got that status the 24th of June from 1999 from the BOIB number 81 ( yes , Sant Joan Day ! ).

Its one of the places from North Menorca where fishing its forbidden or under strict control .

Thanks to that the fauna developed through the years , creating an amazing landscape for those who choose snorkel .

Its easy to see fishes like Moray eel’s , groupers , octopus and “salmonetes” at the north side of Menorca.

The whole reserve its protected against aggressive fishing methods like trawl fishing .

The reserve has an 5.119 marine ha from Fornells bay (eastern limit) til Cape Gros (western limit) .

Official data says there are 628 benthic species at the reserve , among the 5.119 marine ha .

One of the best preserved areas in the Mediterranean

Between the Cap Gros and the Punta des Morter, on the north coast of the island, the Marine Reserve of the North of Menorca, constitutes one of the last virgin areas of the Mediterranean. Its waters treasure sea beds of great natural beauty where a rich and varied flora and fauna lives.

The North Menorca Marine Reserve consists of 5,199 marine hectares between Fornells Bay and Cap Gros Bay. Three areas with different levels of protection are distinguished. An integral reserve where any type of fishing or impact on flora or fauna is prohibited, a special protection area in which only professional fishermen can fish and a third area where it can be fished under special conditions.

Its creation in 1999 to protect the species that inhabit the Menorcan coast and control fishing activity, has favored the proliferation of an extensive and varied marine fauna on the seabed of the north coast of the island, creating a spectacular landscape that is hardly possible to admire on no other coast. Over the years, the northern area of Menorca has become one of the last unspoilt spaces in the Mediterranean.

Its excellent state of conservation, its rich landscape and the variety of species that inhabit its bottoms have made the North Marine Reserve of Menorca one of the Balearic Islands’ natural treasures.

Its bottoms, which are over 30 meters deep very close to the coast, present a great heterogeneity of habitats, among which the posidonia barrier reef of Sa Nitja, the Cystoseira algae communities and the extensive rocky communities stand out for their ecological interest. home to hundreds of fish.

Trawling, purse seine, longline and underwater fishing, as well as the capture of fish and invertebrates whose populations are currently threatened, are prohibited throughout the reserve.

source :   https://www.illesbalears.travel/articulo/es/menorca/reserva-marina-del-norte-de-menorca