History from the Natural Marine Reserve of North Menorca

The natural marine reserve of Menorca got that status the 24th of June from 1999 from the BOIB number 81 ( yes , Sant Joan Day ! ).

Its one of the places from North Menorca where fishing its forbidden or under strict control .

Thanks to that the fauna developed through the years , creating an amazing landscape for those who choose snorkel .

Its easy to see fishes like Moray eel’s , groupers , octopus and “salmonetes´´ at the north side of Menorca.

The whole reserve its protected against aggressive fishing methods like trawl fishing .

The reserve has an 5.119 marine ha from Fornells bay (eastern limit) til Cape Gros (western limit) .

Official data says there are 628 benthic species at the reserve , among the 5.119 marine ha .