Diving in Spain: Two of the Best Diving Spots in the Country

Diving allows us to experience nature in a different way. Learn more about two of the best diving spots in Spain.

Diving in Spain:Two of the Best Diving Spots in the Country

Few disciplines allow those who practice them to enjoy nature so much as diving. Immersing ourselves in the depths of the sea allows us to experience enjoyable sensations as we get to know a different world, in which we’re invited to discover all the secrets of the seabed.

From the Canary to the Balearic Islands, Spain offers its visitors incredible dive sites. On this occasion, we’ll talk about two of the best diving spots that adventurers can explore in the country.

Diving in Menorca

One of the most spectacular dive sites in the Balearic Islands is, without doubt, Menorca’s north coast. The island’s Marine Reserve, where rich and varied marine fauna can be found, is one of the most representative diving spots in the Balearic archipelago.

Spain’s crystalline waters and the Mediterranean climate are the perfect scenario to immerse oneself into the world of diving. Both beginners and more experienced divers find Menorca an excellent option to come into contact with the ocean.

On the island, divers can enjoy daily immersions, diving baptisms, diving courses  – both recreational and technical -, intensive courses, snorkelling expeditions, rental of equipment and other complementary activities.

Diving in Lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote is an experience nobody should miss. The island’s underwater landscapes are truly unique and its calm waters allow both beginners and experienced divers to enjoy incredible immersions.

Diving courses in Lanzarote for beginners offer the necessary knowledge for a safe dive, whilst more advanced divers can also enjoy dive centres’ various offerings including day and night dives in different spots on the island.

Particularly noteworthy is the Atlantic Museum, the only submarine museum in Europe and an incredible place to dive on the island. Diving centres in Lanzarote offer baptisms, basic courses – for beginners and more advanced divers, and also rental of equipment plus a guide and a boat that takes them to the point of immersion.

Experience the adventure of diving in Spain

Besides getting to know a new world, diving allows us to experience our relationship with nature in a new light. This discipline also has a repairing effect on our body, helping diminish stress levels and improve our mood.

Although it would not appear to be the case, you don’t have to be an experienced swimmer or be in good shape to be able to dive. Diving centres offer options for all levels, ensuring this experience is safe and fun for everyone.

Take action and rediscover the sea with fresh eyes. Your relationship with nature will be changed forever.