Introduction to freedive

Curso introducción a la apnea en Menorca

Course content and lessons

This course is aimed at young people and minors who go from snorkeling to advanced snorkeling or, as we call it: Introduction to apnea.

In this video-course you will be able to observe other students putting into practice what you are going to study. This will give you an overview of the structure of a course and will make learning very enjoyable and fun.

Submarine life

In this chapter we will talk for a few minutes about the care you should have when interacting with underwater life.
You will learn rules of respect for animal life under water.

Basic equipment

In the equipment chapter you will learn about the basic care that you must have with apnea equipment.
For example, you will learn how to keep the apnea mask without mist, the best place to put your fins and how to use them.


In the breathing chapter you will learn the first of the 5 breaths that you must take before doing an apnea.
This breath will help you to be calm in the water and will allow you to go to the bottom without fear and have your body well recharged with oxygen.
You will also learn what contractions are so that you are prevented in case they come at this level.

Your ears

In this chapter you will learn basic aspects about your ears but that will allow you to go down to -6 meters deep without earache and do it safely.
You will also learn when not to go down to the bottom and when to turn around if something doesn’t go according to plan.


Finally, the most important module: Your safety and that of your colleagues.
At the end of these 30 minutes of video we will talk about the safety that you must have during your freediving practices at sea or in the pool.
We will talk about the most important rule in apnea and some other risks that can occur and how to avoid them.

Apnea certificate

This course includes an introductory apnea theory exam and also a diploma after taking the course with an instructor.
Taking the course with an instructor will guarantee that you will have the basic knowledge to start doing Level 1 and work in more depth.