Do you know what you have to do to meet a mermaid? You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water is no longer even blue and the sky is just a memory. You float there in the silence, and you stay there. And you decide that you will die for them. Only then do they start dating. They come and greet you, and they measure the love you feel for them. If it’s sincere, if it’s pure, they will stay with you …

The Big Blue – Jacques Mayol to Johana

Imagine, you are on the surface and let yourself be gently rocked by the sea, feel the splash of the waves on your cheek, savor the sun that shines, listen to the beat of your heart… inhale… exhale… breathe. .. then… a breath… you turn around and begin to descend into absolute blue… the world of silence… enjoy this moment of peace, tranquility… observe the beauty that surrounds you from the ocean… enter into communion with this fantastic environment …

The Italian travel magazine ‘Siviaggia’ has drawn up a ranking of the 20 places with the most crystalline water in the world. And it seems that there is only one place in Spain that deserves to be in this Top, Menorca.

The transparent waters of the island, its colors, from the clearest blue to turquoise, and the contrast of its geography, although it is a small territory, have always attracted the attention of visitors.

In this publication they praise its crystal clear waters. The posidonia meadows that surround the island maintain their quality.  According to the GOB Menorca “This plant is the base of an ecosystem where many other species live, they breed fish of economic importance, it creates the sand on our beaches, it cleans the water and it captures CO2. The remains of the posidonia help the accumulation of sand on the beaches, reduce its erosion during storms and provide nutrients to the dune systems. Posidonia, therefore, is one of the most strategic and important environmental and economic resources we have. The marine environment, fishing and tourism depend on it ”.

Therefore, we have a fantastic underwater environment for freediving.



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