Cursos de Apnea en Menorca

Freedive level 1

Course content and lessons

All the images in the official materials of the institute are created from videos made in real courses.
You will be able to observe other students putting into practice what you are going to study. This will give you an overview of the structure of a course and will make learning very enjoyable and fun.
3D images of the inside of the body are included to help illustrate the issues being discussed.
Casco Antiguo has also collaborated

History and records

In the chapter “apnea history” you will learn about the origins of apnea. For 10,000 years going through the timeline to this day.
All this information was collected from historical documents to which you will have access.
In the freediving records chapter you will see the evolution from 1930 to today.

Modalities and Hydrodynamics

In the modalities chapter you will learn the different ways that exist to do freediving and you will see them put into action by certified freedivers.
In the hydrodynamics chapter you will learn the mechanics of each of these modalities so that you can correct yourself as your training progresses.

Apnea equipment

How many kg of ballast do you need in apnea? What suit should you buy? Carbon or plastic fins?
Cressi opens the doors for us and shows all the equipment used in apnea. From the types of fins to the tube that we must use.


In this chapter, you will learn the internal parts that are mobilized to capture as much air as possible by stretching all the muscles that open the lungs.
You will learn the 5 fundamental breaths for apnea.
You will also learn how the ear and its internal parts work.